“Building The Foundation Of Excellence”

Metal Stud Framing

TAMPS specializes in cold formed light gauge metal stud framing. We provide technical knowledge and expertise one interior and exterior metal framing for any of your building needs.

Thermal & Sound Insulation

Our services include thermal insulation, acoustical insulation and head of wall, and firestopping. We maximize value through high quality project management.


We offer high quality installation of gypsum board on exterior walls, soffits, and various fire and sound rated assemblies.

Acoustic Ceiling Systems

TAMPS provides qualified labor, from project managers to foremen, down to the installer to ensure a quality installation process and technique. We use quality materials and work with the leading manufacturers in the industry.

Design Assist

TAMPS provides open support to architects, general contractors and owners. We utilize what is available to drive building costs down, while increasing efficiency of the overall project. Whether you are in need of assistance in utilizing Metal Stud Framing, Insulation and Drywall assemblies, or ACT systems, we are here to partner with you!

Acoustical & Specialty Ceiling Package

In addition to ACT systems, we furnish and install an array of specialty ceiling products, including stetch fabric, ceiling absorbers and diffusers, fabric wrapped panels, decorative metal & wood ceiling systems, and many more.